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What A CRM Does For Real Estate Agents?

In the real estate sector, a CRM (Customer Relations Management) is a software that allows real estate agents and brokers to perform client management tasks with efficiency.

It’s designed to help them streamline and automate workflows, manage communication with clients, and capture more leads online.

CRM in real estate provides agents and brokers the freedom to focus more on their business – which is buying and selling of property. It can be thought of as a virtual assistant at your service that assumes management of many of your client-based regular tasks. These tasks include automated customer profile management, lead management for determining high and low quality leads, reporting on the dashboard, integration with your email, follow-up reminders and more.

A CRM (Customer Relations Management) software is more than just a database of contacts for real estate agents. It is in fact, as mentioned above, a virtual assistant for realtors and brokers that helps getting work done fast.

Here we’ll explore the 6 major factors why you need a real estate CRM for your small business.

Observe Your Clients’ Behavioural Patterns

Real estate CRMs allow you to observe responses from your clients. Be it your current client, a client from the past, or the ones you see as potential leads. Questions like: How do they interact with your website? Their reactions when you electronically reach out to them via emails integrated to your real estate crm? The time they take to respond or actually close the deal? – are well answered by your CRM.

You can note down as many of such questions against which answers are available in the form of customer history on a CRM software.

This helps in learning important facts such as: your clients’ tastes, their pain points and what makes them close a deal with you in the first place? All this data will help you develop better marketing skills and be good at property dealing.

Save Your Hard Earned Money

Another benefit of a CRM in real estate is it saves you money. Although every solution that claims to be the best CRM for real estate comes with a monthly fee after you finish any free trials – but these solutions save you money in the long-run.

First of all, you don’t have to use a bulk of papers to write customer details on, and for record keeping either. That’s one way of saving money for papers, pens, ink, and the space itself that papers gather.

Saving on additional employees’ salaries is another way a CRM saves money for realtors and brokers. Being a real estate business owner requires customer service provision to your clients, right? Now there are two ways of doing this. Either you go with a real estate CRM that handles all your client feedback and notifies you of clients contacting you – or you hire someone on fixed salary to be available for entertaining customer queries. A CRM saves you from wasting money on salaries paid to better customer service.

Last but not least, real estate CRMs improve your efficiency to deliver. When you work efficiently, you’re left with more time to focus on new clients that will make you more money.

Helps You Build Long-term Relationships

One of the main aspects of building a strong relationship with your client is that they see you as a trustworthy person. And if you don’t develop trust, you lose clients. Admit the fact that at some point when you get busy, it’s normal to let important calls and emails go by the wayside. That’s where a real estate crm comes into the play – providing tracking and accountability. So if you’ve asked your clients to give them a call on Monday, they’ll know they can believe in your commitment to call on Monday.

Moreover, CRMs let you keep notes of previous conversations, so whenever you speak to a current lead, you simply start from where you left off.

Have The Competitive Edge Over Others

A recent survey brought to the fore that majority of realtors and real estate brokers observed relatively more boosted productivity upon using a CRM than other agents who didn’t use a real estate CRM.

Would you believe that nearly 3 out of every 4 agents now use a CRM for managing their client-work data? That’s indeed a truth!

Remain In Contact With Past Clients

This happens to almost  everyone in every business. Your new clients and tasks get you so engrossed that you almost completely forget to stay in contact with your past clients. Your relationship with your past clients is equally necessary for sustaining a successful real estate business.

CRMs help you stay top of mind so you don’t miss out any opportunity to show your past clients that you’re around. All you need to do is assign a particular client from the past – to a follow-up schedule in the CRM. This would include their personal contact and any important notes. Add notes like wishing them birthdays, any other anniversary or just a “say hello to” to stay in touch. Repeat the process every time you get a fresh lead, or close transaction with a new client.

Track Customer Activity On Website & Connect!

In a fast moving world of digital communication, it has become challenging for real estate small business realtors and brokers to be available for online customer handling all the while.

Any intuitive CRM gives you the option of connecting your website with the crm. In this way, whenever a customer makes a query by filling the information form on your website, your CRM immediately notifies you about it on your mobile and computer. In this way, you never lose track of any new clients. Be in touch with clients instantly and let your CRM help you retain them for a long time.


There are a lot of other ways your CRM can help you in handling database and executing sales. The more sensibly you use this solution, the more it’ll help cater needs for your entire business.

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